Thinking About The Cold Weather And How It Effects Creativity

Jan 15, 2018 at 09:30 am by Joyce Creiger

Its 5 degrees out and I was thinking of going to the studio tomorrow but the thought of going out in the freezing weather is more than I can bare. So I began to think about how the weather can actually be either an inspiration or a deterrent to the creative process.

When the weather is beautiful, the sun is out, the car isn't freezing and I can actually put the top down on the convertible (if I had one) I would run to the studio and eagerly look forward to a day of painting and being joyful. My studio is in a corner of the building so I have windows on both sides, the sun actually streams in through the front windows and although others have installed blinds, I want the sun to warm me and my spirit. It seems I am most inspired when the weather is close to perfect and hardly inspired when the thought of going outside requires, 2 sweaters, a scarf, a coat, socks and boots, a hat and warming up the car for at lease 10 minutes before I can feel my feet.

There must be others out there with similar experiences and I would love to hear from them. My one solution is to move to a warmer climate, but then I would miss my friends and family and possibly be complaining of it being too hot. For most of the time, New England is perfect, but guess what, not today or the last few days and most likely the next two days and more.

Then, I think to myself, would it be better to bring everything back to my home where I began this journey. And, the thought does strike me as an interesting possibility until I remember the only room I could use to paint has no window, no air, and is fully carpeted,  guess that won't work. Any other suggestions would gladly be welcome.  December 30, 2017..........Burr......!!!!! Happy New Year All.  If you have something to say, feel free to do so. Let us hear from you.