Dennis Sabo

Jan 16, 2018 at 10:51 am by Joyce Creiger



"Dennis Sabo has an uncanny way of capturing his image from both a psychological as well as technical and artistic point of view. Both painterly and emotionally charged Sabo photo's are reminiscent of how the impressionists recorded light. Documenting a moment when the atmosphere was just right, the light was perfect and the details unblemished. The perfect moment, the perfect time, the perfect place is what Sabo is able to harness with his camera."

Joyce Creiger

Dennis Sabo is an internationally honored photographer specializing in contemporary abstract, landscape, and seascape photography. His award-winning work has appeared in various publications and institutions, among them National Geographic, NOVA, Hilton Hotels and the Anthology of Appalachian Photographers.

Dennis Sabo's stunning photography of the natural world captures light and its effect on the landscape. His fine art natural world abstracts and landscapes are often sought out by home decor and interior designers and has been included in solo and group art gallery exhibitions, commercial installations and private home collections throughout the United States and internationally. See his artist CV on his website for further detailed information.

Says Dennis, "The art of photography is not taking a shot but transforming a composition into an emotional interaction with the viewer. My interest is in the natural details; how the environment on a particular day, in a particular light, and at a particular moment in time correlates to my personal vision and interpretation of nature."